Luna storme is committed to you!

The Web agency accompanies its customers in the choice of the domain name, the selection of the Webdesign, the hosting and the referencing of the website. Its main mission is to accompany its customers in the creation of an Internet portal. It also carries out missions of a communication agency.

Digital strategy

Develop a winning digital strategy!

Carry out a competitive intelligence to achieve a successful digital strategy. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a website like, the webmaster will be able to determine the winning digital strategy to apply.

Technical design of sites

Technical design of sites

Creation of websites

Interface Web

Interface Web

Graphic design & webdesign

Traffic optimization

Webmarketing strategy


Search engine

SEO Strategy

Web expertise

Why entrust a web project to Luna storme?

By entrusting the realization of a Web project to an agency like Amada Design, you get a professional opinion before starting the creation of the digital project. The digital communication agency is willing to create a customized site, meeting the expectations of the customers. Innovative portals stand out from the competition.

Technical site design

Reactive team to meet challenges!

Communication agency

Web Communication

Develop an effective communication strategy

By developing a powerful communication, the strategy aims to convey a company’s values, make an offer known or remind customers of the presence of a brand that is ready to meet all needs. Successful communication requires knowledge of the target, the objective and the appropriate communication tool.

Stand out to better exist

We propose the creation of different types of fast and efficient websites such as There are several categories of websites: the “business card” website, showcase website, e-commerce platform, mobile site, web application, community site, custom portal. The latter is developed according to a client’s specific requirements.


Visual communication

Graphic Universe

Talented designers at the service of your brand image!

A company has its own personality. It has a personal way of addressing the public. A good brand image is driven by specific values.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy


Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design



Graphic design



Visual Identity


SEO Strategy

Give visibility to your websites

It is important to formalize an inbound marketing strategy to double the impact of marketing efforts. Landing page, call-to-action and nurturing are strategies to convert prospects into customers.


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a tool that targets new customers through online ads according to your company’s objectives and your budget.


Social networks

Social networks is a group of applications, such as Facebook, Twitter… to promote the exchange and creation of user-generated content.


Visibility audit

Thanks to visibility audit, the webmaster will be able to carry out corrective actions in order to improve content, site ergonomics and visuals.


Community management

Whatever the role that everyone gives it, it is important to have a personal opinion and a vision on this Internet profession, as we sometimes hear.